The mayor of the task, duration of administration and control bodies of the political parties cannot participate in professional sports clubs, the presidency, and cannot be included in the management.

Duties and powers of the mayor of
Duties and powers of the mayor are:
a) of the Municipal organization as the highest authority of the municipal organization to manage and administrate the municipality, to protect their rights and interests.
b) strategic plan of the Municipality, as appropriate, to manage the municipal administration of a corporate strategy to create, in accordance with this strategy, the budget of municipal activities and personnel the performance criteria to prepare and to implement, monitor and evaluate the related reports of the assembly.
c) the council of State offices, and ceremonies, as the plaintiff or the defendant in the place of jurisdiction to represent or to appoint a proxy.
d) to the Parliament and to the council and to the presidency.
e) movable and immovable property of the Municipality to manage.
f) of the income of the Municipality and they will receive the follow-up and collection.
g) decision of the Competent bodies to take the terms of the contract.
h) to implement the decisions of Assembly and council.
i) to implement the Budget, in the budget of the parliament and the council, and is outside the jurisdiction of the approval to transfer to give.
j) to assign the Municipal staff.
k) the municipality and the affiliates to check their businesses.
l) to accept the Unconditional donations.
m) the people of the town of tranquility, peace, health and happiness, and to take the necessary measures.
n) the poor and the disadvantaged in the Budget appropriation allocated to the use of the services for the disabled and the handicapped, to create the centre.
o) given to the Laws of the municipality and the municipal council or the municipal council that do not require a decision of tasks and powers to use.


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